I have arrived – home

Walking down to the creek
I hesitate
I want to look up
I want to see the sun
that is warming my skin
I want to smile at the light
that brings me home again and again
but I must look down as I take each step down
closer to the water’s edge
As the earth pulls me down
I hesitate again
I look up and I see
a beautiful bird
its angel’s wings
full of flight
reaching towards the sun’s light
the branches guiding its way
I arrive at the creek
no looking up or down
I close my eyes
and feel the water as it passes by
inviting, healing, loving
I have arrived – home.

A Window of Cloud Pink


I went outside this morning

img_3378and I saw an amazing cloud above
a window of pink
everflowing, circular, full of love
I felt the massive strength
of the wind, moving the clouds around
I felt the hand of God
painting the colors abound
I felt the heat
of the angels
as they lifted me with their strength
I felt the vast awareness
of being in another place
I wanted to be there
in the clouds 
surrounded by their love
no longer suffocated
in life’s misery, anxiety, despair
I wanted to be flying
through the endless
clouds, the peaks
of fluffy pink beauty
and cleansed of
suffering and grief
img_3406What an amazing moment
of stillness
of peace I felt
as I went on a journey
in the clouds, pink, beautiful, swells.

Paw Prints Next to Me

11270569_1594897084096896_5210148802126987002_oI had such an amazing walk today
on our Costa Rica land
I walked through the tree orchard
with my best friends close at hand.
What couldn’t be better I would say
than two of my best boysimg_3319
right next to me
for awhile anyways.
One running ahead to return a stick he loves so dear
while the other is checking out the howler monkey in the trees
what an adventure it has been!
Will they ever really know
how much they truly mean to me
will they ever really feel the
overflowing love in my heart for them?
Do they know the prayers I say
for their protection everyday
Do they know the sweet kisses I send
them when I leave for the day
Will they ever know how much
their lives mean to me
Their puppy energy
even though one is over 5 years old!
Their curious manners
although sometimes worrisome and bothersome even more
Their cuddles at night
when no one is watching
as they sneak into bed
Their licks and smooches
when trying for one more treat before bed
Puppy smiles
puppy kisses
walks in the jungle
walks on the beach
moments of pure happiness
with paw prints next to me.
Namaste, Alexis

Rico – paw prints on our hearts

Rico – paw prints on our hearts

Welcome to our family
what a sweet puppy boy you are!
We are so happy you are here
more paws to tickle, more paws
we promise to love you
protect you
and cuddle with you too
we promise to feed you
train you
and learn from you too.
We ask that you forgive us
for mistakes we are sure to make
we are only human
the form that learns mostly
from their mistakes.
We already love you so much
dear Rico
our hearts overflowing with smiles of love
your paws printed on our hearts
from gratitude and blessings from above.

Lost Heart

My heart will give me the answer


that is what the yogis say

yet right now my heart

it doesn’t even feel attached

it feels lost in some way

will it come back to me

will it decide to stay

so much love inside of me

just yesterday

why does it feel so far away

a lost heart

looking for its way.









Rainbow light in the cricket sound

What is it about a crickets sound

it brings me so much peace and calm

as the sun starts its descent


the cricket sounds fill the jungle around.

I think the calm and peace, it comes

from the memories that are stirred up in my head

of summer evenings on the farm in Minnesota

the bedroom window open wide

the sky so big with stars so bright

the crickets their sound singing to me tonight.

The crickets bring back memories

of summers and their laziness affairs

of not worrying about anything

as I close my eyes

a smile on my lips

of the fun running through the sprinklers

and the dinner filled with sweet corn delight

what could be better than a full tummy

and giggles of watching my friends

as they splash through the rainbow of water light

don’t you remember the rainbow created

when the sprinkler hits the sun just right

What an amazing sight!

 The crickets

their sounds

another gift of the rain forest tonight

but not just in Costa Rica will you hear

such a wonderful sound

but on the farms of Minnesota

the crickets with their beautiful sound.

Make sure to open up your window

allow the breeze to come through

and you will be blessed with maybe a

memory of long passed summers too

or maybe just the peace and calm

that comes with this beautiful cricket sound.

Peace and love, Alexis



Serenity in this moment


the feeling today as I gaze out at the Pacific


the waves rolling in

the light breeze on my cheek

the feeling of lightness

of barely touching the ground

the feeling of life energy

as the birds, the butterflies, and

even the monkeys sound about.

For just a moment

it is like I am observing myself

sitting here

in a brief moment of time

where my senses are all complete

and my body is but an energy

droplet from the ocean breeze.

Serenity is this moment

so full of calmness and peace.




I Flow Through a Dance

I flow through a dance,

I’m exhausted and tired

of feeling this way

of terror rising through my throat

and the shakiness starting.

I’m happy I really am I say

why doesn’t it last

why doesn’t my anxiety go away

walking through the gardens today.

I was in heaven, in awe

by the energy field around me

and the trees with their warmth embrace

comfort and security

felt all around me

the flowers so colorful

their beauty filled with droplets of rain and sun

holding in only what is needed

and letting go of what can be given away.

The trees, their branches so tall and wide

gazing up at them

reaching my fingertips high

I can almost touch the sun

as it sneaks through the branches’ leaves

soak me with their presence

take away the fear

the anxiety, take it away

as I reach

as I circle

as I dance from branch to branch.

I kick and I punch

and I flow through a dance

the light takes me from one step to the next

the warmth taking away the shakiness

the sunlight taking away the fear

and the anxiety pulling away by the branches

as the trees reach even higher today

helping me as I surrender

holding me up

giving me roots to stand tall

giving me strength as my droplets

of fear and anxiety let go

releasing me from their hold

and falling to the earth below

as I flow through the dance

I stomp on the droplets below

no longer attached to me

but now part of the earth below

as I flow through a dance.






Come walk with us today

Come walk with us today

Come join us on our morning hike

as we experience Costa Rica

the Pura Vida way

in the morning hours of paradise

as the mountain mist lifts away.


Hear the birds as they sing their song

jubilant and loud in their morning serenades

waking up their sleepy neighbors

with hip hip hip hoorays

There are so many different bird species

identified usually only by sound

although some make themselves noticed

when showing off by flying tree to tree

spreading their wings wide

twirling and dancing around.

So you may see a bird or two

fly by with colors of brightness

blinding your eyes

you may even see a hummingbird

as it hovers over a flower

taking its first taste of

bliss and sugar high

There are many animals here too

the howler monkeys with their heart stopping howl

or the capuchin monkeys with their chirping sounds

sometimes jumping up and down

swinging around and around.

While we watch in wonder

wondering if they are going to topple

to the ground

and meet us face to face

eye to eye

and pummel us to the ground

or just merely reach out their hand

and say “Pura Vida, welcome to town!”

Anytime you want

please come visit us with your light

come join us on our walks

as we experience the jungle flight

Each flight is surely different

every moment a gift from God

nature’s portraits of mystery

of perfection

right in front of us

as we walk along.

You are part of its greatness

your light rising with the sun each day

your ever shining happiness

a part of the flower’s blossom

and the sun’s rays.


Here in Costa Rica

the flowers bloom all year long

so the hummingbirds come in huge numbers

fluttering around

to enjoy the flowers’ nectar

while giving us a brief moment of

pure splendor

as we glance at them as they chirp along.


Yes, there are storms too

of course,

loud ones that shake the ground

coming over the Pacific’s waves

lightning often crashing to the ground

waking us up with its thunder

and cooling us off with its rains

unleashing greens of wonder

and beautiful morning misty days.


But your light continues to shine

as the clouds roll in mid day

giving us more moments of peace and calm

memories of your smile

warmth and grace stay


And your light

continues to stay by our bedside

every night

we know you are there

watching over us

guiding us in our dreams

on our path through

misty mornings

and Costa Rica memories.

Come Walk with us today.

We love and miss you,
Alexis & Leo

A typical afternoon in the rainy season of Ojochal, Costa Rica


2016-05-29 06.20.44 I sit here in our Costa Rica home at 3:00 in the afternoon.  It is the rainy season, so the rain starts almost like clockwork in the late afternoon.  The breeze is blowing lightly from the mountains through our bedroom window to the front of the house.  There is always a wonderful breeze flowing through the house morning and night.  Today seemed a little more windy, a little cooler, so the unusual sweater is tightly wrapped around me.  Leo is working in the yard pulling weeds, keeping his gaze forward.  Knowing if he turns to look back at his progress, there will likely be weeds coming up again as soon as he pulls them.  Weeds grow like crazy here in the Ojochal mountains.  A game I guess they are playing with us.  Teaching us diligence and love for all plants too, and the lesson of laughter in all that we do.

The rain is falling harder now, making it a little harder to hear, but what is better to hear than rain falling from the sky?  With the sound of the rain, no television or radio will do, this is the time for reflection, for reading, for cuddling and romance for two…

Once in a while I will feel a mist of water hit my cheek or my leg (from the screened windows nestled above).  A little drop of heaven I say from the skies above.

As the rain quiets down for a moment, the birds’ songs are even louder now.  Their songs are full of joy, laughter, and misty giggles I believe.  A memory floats in mind now, of my beautiful green birdbath sitting in my Minnesota flower garden back home.  I would watch the birds as they jump and bob in the bath after a summer rain.  It would make me smile and giggle with them as they played.  Their wings receiving a bath, washing off the day’s flight.  I wonder what adventures the wings must have had; darting through sticky pine trees, flying through vines full of beautiful flower petals, hopefully not visting too many rose bushes or thistles.  Soon after another memory comes into my mind’s eye, of my summer runs in Minnesota when a rain shower would catch me by surprise.  A surprise of relief when running in the summer heat while giving my muscles, my mind a boost of energy and reprieve.  Rain has become such a healer for me.


The rain begins to come down harder again, and I now start to wonder, is it going to stop or are we going to float away into the river.  The rivers flow harder around us during the rainy season for sure.  Yet, we are safely nestled above in the mountain’s arms, so no need for worry or lifejackets I remind myself quietly!  I think about the waterfalls and anticipate the wonder of what the waterfalls will look like after the rain stops its fall.  Lately the waterfalls have become louder and the ones up high, a sliver of white just a few months ago, now wider and closer to the eye.

leo at waterfall

The rivers below have become wider and louder too, sometimes at night, I think they are only steps away, inching ever closer, but thankfully that is untrue since we sleep in a mountain’s breast of slumber higher up towards heaven’s wonder.

Costa Rica River Flowing

The brave birds they still keep flying through the hard rain as it falls.  They look like swallows of some kind, diving and flying from one building rafter to another.  The toucans they even sing once in awhile during the hard rains.  I imagine their beaks, so long and powerful, are getting quite a cleaning today.

Sometimes the rains, like today, bring a mist of fog with their fall.  Right now I cannot even see the Pacific Ocean because it has been swallowed up in the mist’s cloud. I know it is there, taking a nap in the misty cloud, preparing for its reappearance when the morning sun comes out.  While napping, the sun is giving its rays a well deserved siesta of nourishment and pleasant dreams.  Maybe even brightening the evening landscape with a rainbow for us all!



Or maybe the rains will leave early and bring us a sky filled with color, a painting made by the angels within the gates above.



We all need to take time for ourselves, to be nurtured and to be refreshed.  Rain, or the metaphor of it, can let you do just that.  Have you ever thought of rain as a gift from the universe.  Not just for nourishment for the earth, the plants, the animals, but for your emotional self too.  The raindrops cleanse you by taking with it anything you no longer need, anything that is no longer filling a purpose in your life. The raindrops nourish you, each drop representing what you need from the universe.  Maybe you need energy, maybe you need forgiveness, maybe you need more love and peace.  Rain, can give that to you, all you need to do is accept it, allow it, breathe it in.

A few of my heartfelt thoughts of rain and what it does for me:

Rain washes over me

Rain, a lullaby of sweet joy

Rain on me

The next time it rains, maybe go for a run or a walk in the mist.  Or, stay inside, open the windows, close your eyes, and listen to the happy tap of the rain.  Allow the rain to nourish you, allow it to cleanse your soul, allow it to take with it anything you need to let go.

Of course, you are always welcome to come and visit us in Costa Rica, where the really hard rains fall, and we’ll help you experience the beautiful rain as it falls.  Namaste and God Bless.


Peace and love,

Alexis, Leo, Oscar, and Taby too!